About MUN Login

The MUN Login system is a means for the Memorial University community to access a range of "network based" services. Access to these services is granted by a user entering a username (MUN Login ID) and password into MUN Login. In order to get a MUN Login account you must be a current student, current faculty or staff member, or an alumnus of Memorial University.

MUN Login is a "single sign on" service that is intended to simplify how you access a variety of services. This account differs from other campus computer accounts in that this one account allows a user to access information and services from a variety of different university departments without requiring a different username and password for each one.

If you are a member of the Memorial University community you can create your own MUN Login account. Data held by the Department of Human Resources and the Office of the Registrar is used to verify that you are a member of the Memorial Community. You will be prompted to provide this information when setting up your account. After that we will assign you a MUN Login ID and you can create your own password and also indicate some of your account preferences.

If MUN Login cannot determine your affiliation with Memorial University, you will need to speak to a representative in the appropriate department.